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Custom & Bulk Ingredient Handling System Components

At Gemini Bakery Equipment Company, we offer a variety of custom and bulk ingredient handling components that are available with the full system or individually to add to an existing bakery system.

Centrifugal Rotary Pressure Sifter

  • Up to 200 lbs per minute capacity
  • Sanitary stainless steel frame and body construction
  • Various mesh sizes available
  • Quiet operation with no external moving parts or gyrating machinery

Multiple Hoppers Feeding Mixers

  • Ceiling or floor mounted design
  • Designed according to hopper capacity
  • Tailored around specific mixer types
  • “No tool” easy clean-out access

Bowl Charging Stations with Optional Dust Collector Unit

  • Flexible system loads mixer bowls, tubs, or containers
  • Accurate batching in a wide range of capacities
  • Configurations available for multiple ingredient batches
  • Stainless steel sanitary construction
  • Dedicated vacuum system for dust control
  • Actuated cover for hands-free loading
  • System integration with floor scales and customer controls

Combination Bag Dump/Super Sack Systems

  • Flexible for bag or bulk use
  • Major or minor ingredients
  • Available with ingredient return for accurate batching
  • Easily integrate additional ingredients to your existing bulk system
  • Dispensing a wide range of ingredients with combination fluidized and vibratory discharges
  • All stainless steel sanitary construction
  • Self-cleaning filter system allows loading bulk or bags during operation
  • Loading platforms and custom configuration available

Engineered Minor Ingredient Systems

  • Precision control for small batch sizes
  • Cost effective inventory control
  • Repetitive batch scaling accuracy