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Tunnel Ovens

Tunnel Ovens 1

W&P Tunnel Ovens

  • Ovens producing hearth and pan products with excellent baking quality
  • Gemini tunnel ovens are offered in widths up to 13 feet and in lengths up to 150 feet making this oven well suited for small to large bakery operations
  • Gemini tunnel ovens are available with mesh and stone baking surfaces
  • WP Tunnel Oven are available with both mesh for pans and hearth in special heavy duty carrier for bread and roll pans
  • Limited flash heat
  • Automated damper controls for steam and zone controls are available
  • Unique vertical turbulence system reduces bake times and lowers energy usage
  • New multi-level thermal oil heated ovens

Hearth Oven Loader

  • Automatically picks products from peel boards and places on oven belt
  • Minimal corn meal transferred to oven
  • Consistent loading and spacing to maximize capacity
Tunnel Ovens 2

Combination Pan and Hearth Loader

  • Custom designed for hearth, customized pans and specialty foils
  • Automated foil and pan handling for various sizes and requirements
  • Easy changeover from hearth to pan
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Minimal maintenance and sanitation require

Tunnel Oven Unloaders

  • Tunnel oven unloaders are available for hearth products, roll, bread and cake panned products.
  • Custom-designed unloaders available for unique applications.
  • The unloader can also be supplied as a combination to handle both pan and hearth products.
  • Easy changeover from hearth to pan. Heavy duty construction.
  • Minimal maintenance and sanitation required.
Tunnel Ovens 3


  • Designed to lift product from baking pans and place on the product cooling conveyor
  • Utilizes vacuum to pick up product
  • Specially designed vacuum cups ensure gentle product handling
  • Horizontal axis is servo motor actuated
  • Vertical axis is pneumatically actuated